Hunch vs Smartly: the best alternative for social advertising automation

Smartly is one of the most popular social advertising platforms available in the market today.
They promise that they can make your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok ads creative and perform better through the power of automation.

Hunch is no. 1 among Smartly alternatives. It is a social advertising platform that also allows for scaling the production of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok ad creatives, with a strong focus on workflow automation and creative intelligence.

How can you make the best choice, and decide which platform to use for social media advertising? 

We did some digging around to see what Smartly offers, and current user reviews on G2, to present a neutral and unbiased comparison of Smarty and Hunch. 

Don’t have time to read the whole comparison? Download the PDF and check the comparison tables and choose the best platform that suits your business perfectly.

Comparison tables

Both Smartly and Hunch are Meta Business Partners, automated creative production, and media buying platforms.

But Smartly’s main focus is on enterprise-level companies and brands with huge ad spend. While Hunch is more focused on SMBs and performance agencies.

Regarding technology, leveraging Smartly or Hunch can give you great results, but the approach, pricing, and overall solution are different.

Let’s break all the information into a comparison table to get the clearest result.

Integrations: Hunch is the best fit among Smartly alternatives

smartly-integrations copy
Unlike many other Smartly alternatives, from an integrations perspective Hunch and Smartly give you the same range of opportunities.

Smartly Features vs Hunch Features

Automated ads and workflow automation are the most important features that stand for complete automation of creative production and campaign management.

Though Smartly has extensive features that may not be necessary for your business. That’s because Smartly is more than just a social ads automation platform. Think of it as a managed service, or even a hybrid marketing agency than a pure platform which may not work for most companies.

It can be hard to rationalize the enormous investment if you’re only looking to get started with dynamic ads and don’t need all of the features.

Smartly Pricing vs Hunch Pricing

When it comes to Smartly’s pricing, there’s a critical difference between the two platforms. Smartly requires a $50k minimum ad spend, and the platform fee is charged as a percentage of it. Since the software is so robust, the cost required for maintenance and support reflects in its pricing.

SMBs and scaleups cannot justify the pricing. They usually work with smaller budgets, and a minimum monthly spend and a platform fee is just another added expense.

Among all other Smarty competitors, Hunch has the best pricing and functionality ratio. Our pricing is based on ad spend that goes only through the Hunch platform, and it is flexible for all - you select the features you would like to use and receive a custom quote based on the feature set. This makes it perfect for all kinds of businesses looking to test the waters or scale rapidly.

As with the pricing, there are different plans you can subscribe to with no minimum commitments. You can try a monthly subscription or use Hunch per project.

Services&Support: reason to look for Smartly alternative?

When it comes to services&support, working with Smartly means you are competing for attention with huge brands and enterprise-level companies.

Apart from the minimum monthly ad spends and extensive feature set not designed for SMBs, some online businesses also express that the 24x5 support does not fit their always-on schedule.

Several users also report outages and glitches on the platform that make it challenging to deploy campaigns successfully. There are also instances when a feature is available on Facebook Ads Manager, but Smartly’s platform does not feature it immediately.

For larger brands Smartly mostly works with, this is not a massive problem. They typically have in-house social media teams to handle errors. But, this is not the case with businesses in need to grow on Social.
That’s where Hunch steps in.
Hunch aims to understand the business first, to make sure that brands will be represented the best way possible through marketing efforts. We are bringing extra creativity to the customers that are looking for something special. That’s the best advantage of working with a smaller company - our partner is our superstar.

Smartly Reviews vs Hunch Reviews: what do users have to say?

Smartly review from G2


Automation features, tools for collaboration and easy-to-use creative tools for image as well as video ads.


It's a very glitchy program, there tend to be many errors without explanation and we consistently have to troubleshoot. When a feed reprocesses fails, sometimes the explanation is complete jargon and illegible. I also tend to find the UI rather clunky and I think it could be designed in a more user-friendly flow.

Hunch review from G2: 


Creating customized ads at scale and publishing them to Facebook works like a breeze. During an important season, we delivered over 700 ads to over 110 ad sets on Facebook in an instant. We were able to customize creatives and copies by including dynamic values such as local slang, area name, and target audiences. I also like that we can run ads directly from a Google Sheet and Google Drive (so we don't have to go into Ads Manager to create ads which is a tedious process). Hunch's customer support is top-notch. They have given us the support needed to bring our ideas into reality.


Creating new campaigns can be overwhelming if you don't create them regularly (at least I tend to forget all the nitty gritty settings that need to be set for the campaign to work out properly). However, with Hunch's awesome customer support this hasn't been an issue as they have helped us set up new campaigns every time it has been needed.

Hunch’s unique angle: breakdown silos between performance and creative

Why does Hunch stand out from other Smartly competitors? Because we help your teams focus on what they do best by automating the workflow. When your teammates are in control of the process, they’ll be free to focus on high-impact challenges. 

Leverage Hunch and free up creative resources, give your design team superpowers and unlock your performance growth. 

"I was familiar with Smartly, and I knew that Hunch is one of the competitors, so I knew exactly what the solution was about. I pitched the idea of scaling campaigns with ad localization to Ruokaboksi, our client. They have hundred delivery areas, so no kind of personalization could be managed using manual solutions. The solution Hunch enabled, gave us more flexibility to test different creatives and to try our new and wild ideas."

Heiman Safeen, Senior Growth Marketer at Genero

image-delivery-genero-v1-3Speed up product delivery using localized targeted creatives.

Pros and cons comparison: does Hunch outperform other Smartly alternatives?

After going through the main differences between the two platforms, let’s sum up using the pros and cons.



  • It gives you the ability to fully automate your advertising for Paid Social 
  • Nifty technology 
  • It has all the essential features 
  • Has its creative studio for both image and video


  • Not flexible pricing 
  • Absence of project-based pricing 
  • Not enough support for small businesses 
  • Focused on enterprise-level companies 
  • Not enough time for each customer 



  • It gives you the ability to fully automate your advertising for Paid Social 
  • Nifty technology 
  • It has all the essential features 
  • Has its Creative Studio for both image and video 
  • Flexible pricing 
  • Project-based pricing 
  • Puts more focus on people and process


  • Smaller company 
  • Newer technology on the market
  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Specialized for independent performance agencies  and SMBs

smartly vs hunch
Why choose Hunch?

If you’re wondering which Smartly alternatives to go for and whether Hunch is the right choice, we will answer with numbers. 

Independent agencies and brands that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

Also, don’t miss our case study where we explained how to lower CAC by 47% by leveraging our platform for localization at scale. 

Reading the comparison is not the end of your research - try out the Hunch platform. Book a demo and discover how can we scale your business together! 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are top competitors?
    Hunch, ROI Hunter and Madgicx are great alternatives to Smartly. Choose the platform based on your ad spend, size of business, and feature set requirements.
  2. How does Smartly pricing work?
    Smartly pricing is based on the customer’s advertising spend in the customer’s ad account, and they have two models: Self-Serve + Support and Managed Services.
    Smartly requires a $50k minimum ad spend, and the platform fee is charged as a percentage of it. That’s why enterprise companies are usually the only ones that can manage Smartly pricing with ease.
  3. Which Smartly alternative is best for small businesses?
    Small and medium businesses with limited budgets can leverage Hunch and Madgicx.