Product Update: Introducing Hunch Video Editor

An estimated 46% of consumers watch more ads on social media than on TV.
We’ve seen the rise of Instagram stories, and it’s safe to say that video has now gone vertical. Consumers still rate Facebook as the preferred channel for watching video ads.

At Hunch, we understand the concept of combining creative with video to captivate audiences at large. Exciting opportunities await digital advertisers to produce video ads at scale using Hunch Video Editor.

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Create compelling video ads that convert.

Unveiling the Hunch Video Editor

Hunch Video Editor is now available within the Hunch Studio. You can create video templates that are also mobile-friendly. Creating videos that are designed to grab attention and scale ad spend is possible without leaving the Hunch platform.

Advertisers are able to create templates that are up to 60 seconds long and rendered in landscape, square, vertical and story formats.

We’ve created predefined designs to help you get started with the video creation process. You can also start from scratch; customize and modify templates with our in-tool video editor.

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Inside look at the Hunch Video Editor.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Create ads in landscape, square, story and vertical format
  • Apply animation to any layer within the video
  • Insert video formats, mp4 format
  • Supports texts, shapes, stickers, videos
  • Use Hunch predefined video templates
  • Take advantage of custom animation
  • Use Hunch predefined animation
  • Easily manipulate layer order, duration and delay within the video
  • Import svg, jpeg, png images
  • Stack multiple animations within one layer

Easily add and manipulate layers of your video ad.


Select predefined or custom animations to apply to each layer.

Create and A/B Test Without Leaving Hunch

Like any image ad, video ads can be easily tested using Hunch. Continual A/B testing is the best way to make sure your ads don’t fall victim to ad fatigue- because even the best ones fall eventually.

Using the Hunch Video Editor, you can test variants such as copy, layout, colors, length, and sequence to find out what is working and drive results.

This great new tool makes it easy to sustain brand integrity through the creation of templates that you can use and tweak time after time again. The tool is made intuitive for advertisers with little to no design experience to start scaling killer ads right away.

Hunch Video Editor and Beyond

We incorporate customer feedback into our tools. Our engineers are continuing to add new features to this tool such as special effects, more predefined animations, predefined templates, sound support, conditional layers, text transformations and more.

Use your brand assets and Hunch predefined templates to create multiple video ads easily. Find out how your business can start benefiting from video ads by scheduling a FREE strategy call today.