How Hunch Helped Shopify Clients Save $100k+ During Major Google Outage

A large portion of Google services were down 2 June 2019 from 12:23 to 16:45 US Pacific time due to a network congestion issue. Shopify experienced problems because of the Google outage, which prevented some stores (both brick-and-mortar and online) from processing credit card payments for hours.

Our clients had a hunch that Shopify wasn’t working and were able to save more than $100,000 in ad spend.


Shopify experienced problems because of the Google outage.

During this outage, we helped our clients that use Shopify save more than $100,000 through our link checker feature. Link checker prevents avoidable ad spend by sending alerts and pausing ads that contain broken links. Clients were notified immediately when the Shopify landing pages connected to their ads stopped working.


Set parameters within the link checker to receive notifications.

Many companies are typically dependent on one service for their ability to operate. This incident has demonstrated just how important it is to have a backup plan when services go down.

Google will investigate thoroughly and provide a detailed report of this incident.
Even so, it’s scary to think that problems with Google’s cloud services could cause outages for some of the world’s most popular applications.

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