15 killer Dynamic Creative examples: Deliver Personalized and Engaging experiences on Facebook

Creative and marketing teams always want to be on the cutting edge of what's new.

That's why it can be hard for them to find the time to stay current with all of the latest trends in the marketing technology space.

This is where we come in. With a team of paid social marketers who are masters at their craft, we're able to provide you with some inspiration from some of the best dynamic creative examples out there today.

In fact, 71% of shoppers say they are more likely to buy something if it’s tailored just for them, according to Facebook For Partners.

After reading this article, you'll never have another "I don't know what I'm doing" moment again.

They're all very different but share a common goal: grabbing your attention with their creativity and uniqueness at scale.

Let's dive in and explore these 15 stunning dynamic creative examples.

First thing's first: What is Dynamic Creative?

DCO 1200x628_1

The first step to producing a dynamic creative ad is understanding what it means.

Dynamic Creatives are the fuel behind personalized digital advertising. They deliver customized advertising at the point of purchase and can swap out ad components so that you're always providing customers with an engaging experience for their needs, wants and desires.

With their ability to fuel personalized digital ads, dynamic creative delivers just what you need - and when you need it most.

On the other hand, Dynamic Creative Optimization is an algorithm-driven process for altering content on your site in order to improve ad performance and experience as well as customer loyalty.

Dynamic Ads are custom messages tailored specifically by each viewer, while Dynamic Optimization works like tweaking code so viewers only see what they want when scrolling through social media or surfing online stores.

15 Dynamic Creative examples:

As you can see, it's never too late to find the perfect workflow for your next project.
Bet you never thought that social ads could be so captivating.

These 15 stunning examples of dynamic creative ads are sure to send a spark through any marketing or paid social strategy.

#1 Dynamic Creative example: DPA - Customer and product journeys 

Retargeting is an important tool for performance marketers, and it's crucial to have a smart strategy. Dynamic product ads for retargeting are more powerful than static advertising because they're able to adapt their marketing messages based on the user's history.

By customizing interest paths that allow users from engagement all the way up through conversion. These smart journeys can really increase brand loyalty while also building trust by providing personalized offers and relevant content at every stage of your customer journey.

#2 Dynamic Creative example: Dynamic Weather & Location Ads

weather ads-1


Storytelling; but with a hunch. Weather-based campaigns are also known for their success in capitalizing on the "we know how you feel" feeling.

They dynamically use data to deliver personalized messages at a time that is most relevant and appropriate to users based on location information combined with weather forecasts updated hourly.

#3 Dynamic Creative example: Enhanced DPA with On-Brand creative

dynamic_creative_DC_shoesUse dynamic creative templates to align ads with your brand kit and narrative. With enhanced DPAs, you’ll be able to easily test different motivators in real-time.

This is an efficient way of delivering 1000s of image ad variations that have been created for all your products in a fraction of time.

So, using dynamic creative, you pay 500% less for creative production.

#4 Dynamic Creative example: On-brand DPAs on Auto-Pilot


A brand built on the luxury lifestyles, Roma speaks to fashion-conscious customers honestly and directly, offering exotic jewelry collections at fair prices.

Keeping all product offers on-brand at scale presented serious creative production challenges. The goal was to overcome the creative roadblock and deliver the right messages to the right customers fast and at scale.

Utilizing smart automated campaigns, and personalization, Hunch standardized and templatized Roma’s creative process.

The results are speaking for themselves: all creatives are 100% on-brand and on auto-pilot and increased ROAS by 120% from initial BOF retargeting.

#5 Dynamic Creative example: On-Brand Engaging Creatives

telenor-1You can promote thousands of products across dozens of retail locations with Dynamic Creative templates.

All product images are rendered and updated to maintain consistency without the time-consuming labor-intensive cost, as these changes come at a lower CPA and higher CTR rate.
Read how Telenor took advantage of dynamic creative to automate its advertising.

#6 Dynamic Creative example: Facebook automotive Dynamic ads


97% of people looking to purchase, repair or customize a car begin their journey online. Facebook automotive dynamic ads are an excellent way to reach car buyers, although it’s not nearly enough to properly show off available stock from the car brand.

It's important to serve relevant ads if you want buyers to be attracted, and car dealerships are doing just that.

By pointing out the right offers at the right time (which is easy with a personal touch), they're pulling in more test drives that often result in genuine sales.

#7 Dynamic Creative example: Dynamic On-Brand videos


7  automotive


Facebook automotive dynamic ads are a great way to reach car buyers, albeit that doesn’t tell the entire brand narrative. In fact, it’s not nearly enough to properly show off available stock from the car brand. Think of it this way: buyers are attracted to familiar car models.

To accomplish this, it’s important to serve relevant ads to the right audience, spotlighting the right offers, at the right time. Through personalization car dealerships and car manufacturers reel in more test drives, and easily convert those into actual sales.

#8 Dynamic Creative example: Location-based advertising

qatar airw

Dynamic creative campaigns are designed to make sure that the user gets a more tailored experience, making their next trip all about you.

Instead of being shown generic destinations as they would in other online ads for travel, dynamic creative enables advertisers to display specific airline fares and deals near where your interests lie.

Also, dynamic creative even tailors promotions specifically for those who have abandoned shopping carts on sites before.

#9 Dynamic Creative example: Location and feed-based advertising


air serbia-1


Imagine if you could instantly serve a city-specific ad that speaks directly to the interests of your intended audience, or perhaps one for an upcoming event. Geo-targeting combined with dynamic creative can do this and more.

With dynamic creative technology, you can now target your audience down to specific cities or even events in real-time through imagery, videos and ad copy that are tailored specifically for each of those locations.

Take a look at Air Serbia's awesome success story.

#10 Dynamic Creative example: Travel and Leisure ads

10 gadventures


Technology has changed the way we travel. Whereas before, travelers would simply search for a hotel or flight on their own and hope they got what they were looking for.

Technology-savvy customers now have more options than ever thanks to advanced data tools that target them with tailored offers in real-time based on intent as well as location.

#11 Dynamic Creative example: Multi-language localization

When creating a global Facebook campaign, it is important to take into consideration different countries and cultures. The quickest way to do this would be by adding multi-language ads or campaigns.

Facebook's language localization feature allows us to automate distributing the ad around different locales and dialects with ease.

When an ad isn't localized, it will be ignored. Then again, when someone sees one that speaks their native tongue, they're much more likely to tune in as evidenced by increased CTR.

#12 Dynamic Creative example: Local on Social


Local Asset Customization is a new way to get more people into your store by encouraging them to visit the one that's closest.

With advanced formats like product, location, and map designs you can show off what makes your store different from all the others in their area.

#13 Dynamic Creative example: Localized Dynamic product campaigns

13 avon

Capture attention and connect with your audience on a local level with DPA visuals. With localized templates for each of the countries or demographics where the campaign is running, DPA will use appropriate feeds to tailor their advertisements just for you.

Retargeting ads are also personalized based off of location data so that they're more oriented towards what's in stock at stores near them.

#14 Dynamic Creative example: Relevant Offers with Real-Time sports data

bettingEasily centralize creative templates and automate execution with personalized game campaigns. With pre-match data, you can anticipate what your audience wants to see most importantly during live time matches.

This will increase the relevancy of content delivered by delivering only that which is in demand on a competitor level as well as better connecting brands with audiences through more engaging creatives for impressionable fans.

Learn how Mozzart turned Paid Social from brand awareness into a performance marketing channel without expanding the team.

#15 Dynamic Creative example: Dynamic Creative for Casinos

With the evolution of technology and especially mobile devices, casino promotions have gone from static to dynamic.

Dynamic creative ads for casinos are based on automating promotions for individual games like poker or roulette by dividing them into different categories (mobile/desktop, new/popular. They can be advertised with a variety of ad types such as images, videos, stories or carousels depending on what will best reach their target audience.

How to create Facebook dynamic creatives?

DPO-Blog-Post-800x434-1-768x417With feed-based ads designed by dynamic templates, where variable details are populated according to each user’s preferences, you give them exactly what they're looking for: personalized campaigns made by their own hands through intuitive customization features.

How long does it take to create a Facebook dynamic creative that automatically updates with your product data?

It only takes a few steps.

First, you integrate your product data with Hunch: Google Sheets, XML, CSV, JSON, or whatever feed; we support all major feed types out-of-the-box and can map any kind of product feed.

Once connected, we're ready for step two: in order to produce dynamic ads for our clients, we must prepare their content with care in advance so they can be ready to use at any time.

Hunch builds personalized customer journeys by combining creative automation and creative testing. You can use your data, third-party data, and Hunch Studio to automatically produce thousands of personalized ads, optimizing the messaging and the delivery.

Now lay back and see how your highly personalized customer journeys are performing based on your data-driven campaigns optimized for conversion.

Companies that leverage Dynamic Creative ads

Brands have finally understood that dynamic creative is the best way to get themselves in front of their target audience.

Do you sometimes find yourself browsing through social media and getting overwhelmed with ads? And then scrolling past them, not even taking notice anymore? You're not alone.

Dynamic advertising isn't just popular because it's extremely effective; it also has a low chance for ad fatigue on Facebook which will make sure people are paying attention.

It has been becoming a challenge because there are so many different product options and each one needs its own customized journey through ads. Not only does this require more creativity but also a higher budget which means brands need a plan before going ahead with these expensive endeavors.

So, how do you harness dynamic creative?

Dynamic advertising has been called "the next frontier" by many. But few companies are actually taking advantage of this innovative strategy for their campaigns because they don't know where or how to start implementing dynamic advertisements into their brand's everyday efforts with success rates soaring up until now.

We'll walk you through customer success stories of some of our partners who have made implementing strategic changes with dynamic creative.

“With Hunch, we have consistency in our look and feel. In the short period of time, the conversion rate has a positive trend. Komplett boosts conversions, saves 80% time creating ads, and unlocks new audiences with Dynamic Creative.” Sandra Lindhjem, Campaign manager at Komplett, Nordic countries’​ largest e-commerce player, commented on our recent venture with them.


“We had a hunch that Hunch could work for us. And we went for it. Now, it is included in our performance marketing activities 🚀 for our e-commerce clients. It optimizes conversion costs and reduces the team workload.” Wonderful Vera Lloyd-Thomas, CEO at Kreativa New Formula, had to say about our latest Dynamic Creative implementation.

kreativa new

“Hunch helped us to create attractive designs for our DPA with little effort from us, resulting in an up to 50%-decrease in CPA.” Stated Iva Mandalová, Performance Specialist at Wavemaker Slovakia, on their amazing results from our successful partnership.


The bottom line:

Dynamic creative management platforms have revolutionized the way we can communicate with our consumers. Gone are the days of mass-personalization being an unattainable goal for old production models, and in its place is a new era where creativity reigns supreme on social media channels.

This shift to Dynamic Creative has resulted in brands providing more effective advertising that resonates better with their audiences than traditional methods could ever do before.

The key idea behind this success? People-oriented communication.

Brands need to always be considering how they would like their audience members to feel after reading or viewing content from them; whether it was informative, entertaining, emotionally stirring or, otherwise, appealing enough. Or just drawing attention back towards themselves over other competitors through real benefits, communicated within a brand-centered perspective.

The concept of dynamic creative is an alluring and intriguing future of advertising, quite hard to resist, and you're missing out if you don't try it. Dynamic creative will bring your brand to life and give you an edge over the competition.

We would be more than happy to help you and your team set up dynamic creative. Get in touch with us for a FREE strategy call today.