Bannerflow vs. Hunch: Best Bannerflow alternative for Paid Social advertising

Bannerflow is a cloud-based creative management platform that allows teams to design, scale and optimize their digital advertising campaigns by automating parts of the creative generation process. They specialize in banner ads (hence the name) and digital OOH advertising.

Hunch is a popular Bannerflow alternative. It is both a creative management platform and a campaign management tool, making it an ideal choice for Paid Social advertising. Hunch places a strong emphasis on creative intelligence and workflow automation, which makes it an end-to-end solution for running Paid Social campaigns.

There is considerable overlap in the features both platforms provide, but depending on your use case you can expect to see vastly different results from choosing one over the other.

We have compiled all these differences to provide you with an unbiased, side-by-side comparison between Hunch and Bannerflow so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Comparison tables

Hunch specializes in serving performance marketing agencies and SMBs for end-to-end Paid Social advertising. Bannerflow, on the other hand, is more focused on banner and digital OOH advertising solutions.

There is an important difference here: for companies wanting to target specific customers by displaying sponsored advertising content on 3rd-party platforms, Hunch provides a tailored solution. This is not the primary focus of Bannerflow, as it focuses more on the creative generation process.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:


Hunch offers a comprehensive degree of integrations with all major 3rd-party platforms. Bannerflow does have integrations in place, but they are somewhat limited. For example, Bannerflow does not have direct integrations with Facebook Ads. Hunch is a Meta Business Partner, while Bannerflow is not.


A simple analogy would be that Bannerflow mainly serves to help designers automate and scale their creative production. They do have additional features such as campaign management, but those are limited in their functionality and are not exactly the reason why customers use Bannerflow. Hunch’s Creative Studio offers the same creative automation features but also places a strong emphasis on workflow automation and creative intelligence to help performance marketers improve the ROI of their advertising campaigns.

Both Hunch and Bannerflow have a creative management platform that is (coincidentally) called Creative Studio, but when it comes to edge-cases and advanced features, Hunch takes the cake. For example, Bannerflow has a 2MB limit on videos, it is not possible to effectively organize files in a users brand library, and the creative insights are basic in nature. Since Hunch specializes in campaign management, it has a greater degree of configurability such as altering the dimensions of creatives and instant feed updates.

Services and support

Both Hunch and Bannerflow pride themselves on their customer service and have adequate resources in place to help users make the most of their respective platforms.

That being said, Bannerflow has a Legacy and a Studio version of their creative management platform. This is due to the fact that certain features in the Studio version have been forfeited for ease of use. While both platforms are available, the Legacy variant does not receive any updates and therefore has minimal customer support. For older users (or power users) who have advanced use cases, this lack of support can be concerning.


Bannerflow has tailored pricing based on the number of users, average number of creatives required to be generated and the features required.

Hunch is completely transparent with its pricing structure and only charges based on ad spend going through its platform. You may select which features you want, and receive a customized quote. This helps you budget more efficiently.

When it comes to comparing the pricing, you may not be able to quantify the cost-effectiveness of using Bannerflow properly. Since the platform offers a “personalized quote” it is likely you will need to engage in some amount of negotiation if you are a smaller business. You also run the risk of using the platform sub-optimally since your creative requirements may differ from month to month.


Bannerflow review from G2:


We create a lot of banners in many different sizes and formats, Bannerflow allows us to easily create multiple sizes from a couple of templates and it intelligently resizes and rearranges the assets within the banners. Being able to export in multiple formats e.g. JPEG, GIF, HTML is very useful. Once I have got to grips with the ad builder I have found it easy to use and there is a lot of functionality that can be discovered within it. The widgets are also a great addition, we have a dev team who can develop our own custom widgets to tackle a lot of the problems we face.


There have been a few minor bugs I have found within the platforms, but the chat functionality is great to get a quick solution or raise an issue, the Bannerflow team are always super helpful and quick to respond. I have also found that some of the exports have not been suitable for our ad servers and then require some manual work after e.g. HTML banners for Google UAC. I have also found the image library can get very crowded and cluttered if it is not managed well, I think this could be improved to be aligned to each campaign or built in a different way.

Hunch Review from G2:


Creating customised ads at scale and publishing them to Facebook works like a breeze. During an important season, we delivered over 700 ads to over 110 ad sets on Facebook in an instant. We were able to customise creatives and copies by including dynamic values such as local slang, area name and target audiences. I also like that we can run ads directly from a Google Sheet and Google Drive (so we don't have to go into Ads Manager to create ads which is a tedious process). Hunch's customer support is top-notch. They have given us the support needed to bring our ideas into reality.


Creating new campaigns can be overwhelming if you don't create them regularly (at least I tend to forget all the nitty gritty settings that need to be set for the campaign to work out properly). However, with Hunch's awesome customer support this hasn't been an issue as they have helped us set up new campaigns everytime it has been needed.

Hunch’s unique angle: What makes Hunch a superior choice to Bannerflow for agencies and SMBs?

Hunch offers industry-leading creative intelligence capabilities in its CMP. This allows users to obtain actionable insights from the data collected during their ad campaigns, which enables them to experiment and launch winning campaigns faster. Bannerflow does offer similar services, but its forté is in scaling creative production through automation.

For performance marketers and agencies that want an end-to-end campaign management solution, Hunch is clearly a superior choice due to its additional features beyond generating creatives.

Pros and cons comparison: Is Hunch truly the best Bannerflow alternative compared to other creative automation platforms?

Here’s a consolidated list of pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision:



  • Ability to fully automate your advertising for Paid Social
  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Creative Studio offers the creation of both image and videos
  • Flexible pricing


  • Smaller company
  • Newer technology on the market
  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Specialized for independent performance agencies and SMBs



  • Ability to create display ads with fast turnaround times
  • Smooth animations for creatives in the editor
  • Large company with reputed clients
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real-time


  • Few key integrations are missing
  • Opaque pricing structure
  • Legacy editor is not user-friendly and has a minimal customer support
  • Bugs and glitches are frequently reported by users

Why choose Hunch?

Hunch is simply more useful for performance marketers and agencies looking to launch successful campaigns quickly. Bannerflow is a great tool to scale your creative generation process, but when it comes to testing and optimizing your campaigns Hunch offers a more comprehensive platform as it aids marketers in the entire advertising lifecycle.

Check out our case study: How Air Serbia leveraged Hunch to automate a complete social media dynamic retargeting system for 73 flights around 54 destinations. Hunch produced more than 1400 image ads and 120 video ads for Air Serbia which were fully automated at scale. The end result? Air Serbia received a large influx of new website visitors and a higher conversion rate, all thanks to implementing dynamic creatives.

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